The warranty is covered by the manufacturer of the product, please see below for warranty information.

I. Commercial Displays

  • LG Commercial Digital Signage LED TV
    Canada & USA: Download
  • Philips Commercial Digital Signage Display
    Canada & USA: Download

II. Media Players

The media player comes with standard 1 year manufacturer warranty, additional two year warranty can be purchased at the time of order for some products. Please contact our support for details.

RMA Procedure

(1.1) Please call us for any defective media player. Please have the following information available to generate RMA/Ticket number.

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name/Phone Number
  • Product Model Number
  • Product Serial Number
  • Description of the Problem

(1.1) The manufacturer warranty policy is designed to assure our customers that their system will be supported, in spite of the accelerating pace of improvements in personal computer components that leaves many components with a lifecycle of six months or less.

(1.2) The manufacturer will repair the product at its facilities without labor charge for up to one year from date of purchase. The warranty is for one year from date of purchase, extended two year warranty is available at the time of purchase, please contact our support at 1-800-930-7860 x2 for details.


(2.1) During the first thirty days after purchase, the manufacturer will replace defective parts in advance of its return. After thirty days and up to one year, the manufacturer will, at its option and upon receipt of the failed component, either replace the part, if it is available commercially or in stock (either new or refurbished), or refer it to the original manufacturer for replacement or repair. If repair or replacement is unavailable, the manufacturer may substitute a new or factory-refurbished part of similar or better functionality and quality for the defective part under warranty, which will be covered for the remaining portion of the original warranty.

(2.2) After one year, parts covered by any extended original manufacturer’s warranty may need to be returned directly to the original manufacturer for replacement or repair. E Display will assist customers in determining applicable coverage and in contacting the manufacturer.

(2.3) An enhanced warranty that provides advance parts replacement is available at time of purchase for some products.

Warranty Limitations

This Limited Warranty does not cover any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of:

(3.1) The use of the Product other than for its usual and customary use.

(3.2) The failure of the Purchaser or other user to use the Product in accordance with the component user manual(s) and any other written directions or instructions provided with the Product at the time of sale or subsequently.

(3.3) The use of parts or accessories purchased other than directly from E Display Inc.

(3.4) Modification or repair of the Product by the Purchaser or any other party other than E Display Inc.

(3.4) Modification or repair of the Product by the Purchaser or any other party other than E Display Inc.


  • – RMA request will be delayed if a picture of a full screen from the defective unit is not provided.
  • – Each defective return needs to be listed separately since a different RMA number will be assigned to each serial number.
  • – Indicate if you need a lift gate or in office delivery. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the extra delivery charge from the carrier.
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