Google Sheets

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Google Sheets - Link scene label to spreadsheet cells

With our Google sheets component you can easily link Scene labels to Google spreadsheet cells just by specifying the column and row you want to link to, within your Google cloud spreadsheet. This is a very powerful as it allows for external editing of food menu boards, directories and any board that uses many text labels. You can even allow other to access and edit your content without having them login to your Studio. And best of all, you can automate text edits via the Google API.

Location Based

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Location Based - GPS powered content

With our location based service, you simply set points / radius on a map and let any moving object (most likely a vehicle such as bus, taxi or train) display Digital Signage content when the the object enters the radius you specified. When the object leaves that radius, normal presentation will resume. This allows you to set GPS coordinates which correlate to particular resources such as videos, images etc and present them when and where they matter most.


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Mashape - Get live data on anything

Mashape is a great way to get relevant live data such as current Bitcoin rates, currency exchange rates or even cool movie quotes and more.


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Yelp - is the best way to find great local businesses.

People use Yelp to search for everything from the city's tastiest burger to the most renowned cardiologist. With the Yelp component you can display your favorite Yelp business information and even show live updates on the latest Yelp review, Yelp score and even star posts.


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Etsy - Buy Directly From Real People!

Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. And how do you feel about having your favorite store as part of your digital presentation? Well now you can do just that.


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500px - high quality imagery

500px is a photo community for discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography powered by creative people worldwide. And with our component, you can load your favorite 500px images directly into your presentation.


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Dropbox - sharing anything

Dropbox is a home for all your photos, docs, videos, and files. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers and of course, also inside your digital signage presentation.


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Flickr - photo sharing

Popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other's photos. And now you can load your photos on your public screens.


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Tumblr - share anything

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors to your theme's HTML. And best of all, your content can be also be pushed right into your signage presentation.


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Pinterest - collect the web

Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse and pin their favorite content from the web. And now you can integrate your entire Pinterest content right onto your digital signage presentation. It’s easy to setup and will keep your audience engaged with your favorite stuff.
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