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Date/Time - dynamic formatter

Keeping time is easy with the fully editable Date/Time component. Simply drag and drop the Date/Time component to the timeline and set any format you like, pick your favorite fonts (over 700 to chose from), colors and Date/Time format; its so easy and looks great!


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Image - make it shine with beautiful imagery

Whether you want to upload JPG, PNG, or Flash SWF images, locally or point to link across the web, its all doable with the Image component. We also support transparent Vector and Bitmap Flash SWFs and PNG resources so you can create beautiful masks which overlay your Digital Signage presentation. Also included for free are hundreds of backgrounds and masks designed by our team of artists, so you dont have to be one.


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Weather - fully customizable and animated weather

Get full 5 days forecasts including current conditions, todays highs and lows and all for FREE. No need to subscribe to an expansive weather feed, simply drag and drop your favorite weather template, enter a city or zip code and youre done. We support fully customizableweather including animated vector based icons.

RSS Tickers

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RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a form of dynamic news feed that is constant updated. Use scrolling vertical or horizontal ticke keep your viewers engaged. Choose fromdozens of free RSS feeds like news, politics, sports, health and others.Customize it anyway you like with fonts,gradient backgrounds, scroll speeds and others. You can e enter your own custom text message and have it scroll through any screen division. even

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