Google Sheets

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Google Sheets - Link scene label to spreadsheet cells

With our Google sheets component you can easily link Scene labels to Google spreadsheet cells just by specifying the column and row you want to link to, within your Google cloud spreadsheet. This is a very powerful as it allows for external editing of food menu boards, directories and any board that uses many text labels. You can even allow other to access and edit your content without having them login to your Studio. And best of all, you can automate text edits via the Google API.

Location Based

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Location Based - GPS powered content

With our location based service, you simply set points / radius on a map and let any moving object (most likely a vehicle such as bus, taxi or train) display Digital Signage content when the the object enters the radius you specified. When the object leaves that radius, normal presentation will resume. This allows you to set GPS coordinates which correlate to particular resources such as videos, images etc and present them when and where they matter most.

Google Calendar

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Google Calendar - what's going on

Want to update your displays with live data from Google Calendar? well this is the component for you. Select only from the Calendar you want and set a specific date range relative to today, allowing content to always stay relevant. Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides.


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Instagram - get your picture on

Load real time data from your Instagram account including images, videos and posts. Display the entire feed from your account on your digital signage screens (including friends) or, just load specific media resources that you uploaded. Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides.


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YouTube - link to the worlds largest video library

If it looks good, use it. The YouTube channel is bombarded everyday with free great content. Plug right into this endless stream of fresh raw video. YouTube is a great way to keep your screens entertaining without having to subscribe to expansive content aggregators. And who knows, maybe your Digital Signage network will go viral!?!?!

Custom RSS

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Custom RSS - same old RSS, built your way

With the Custom RSS component you can bind to the same syndication as with the standard RSS ticker component. However with the Custom RSS component your content will not slide vertically or horizontally, Instead you can custom place the RSS items within the Scene Editor. Custom RSS is all about more flexibility and more customization.


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Video - run super smooth HD content

Take advantage of high definition H.264 encoded video and run multi threaded pipeline content that looks great every time. You dont need to install any special software codec and dont have to jump through hoops to make it all work. Simply choose FLV or MP4 as your video format and watch people go wow.


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Flash - build animation with Adobe Flash

Flash is by far the most adopted animation tool in the known universe. With MediaSignage you can run any Flash powered SWF. And it does not matter if it was developed in Adobe Flash or in 3rd party Flash generator, if its flash based, the SignagePlayer will eat it up. You can even take advantage of Stage3D and build super smooth high definition GPU accelerated content; its all supported and all for FREE.


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HTML5 - we play nice with Javascript

HTML5 is revolutionizing the web with great animation, Ajax and new capabilities never before possible with HTML. Take advantage of your existing skills and build animated clips or a fully interactive Kiosk, and run it easily across all your SignagePlayers. Enjoy super smooth GPU accelerated HTML5 on Android tablets and phones as well as on Apple iOS powered devices including the iPad and iPhone.


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External Link - load content from anywhere

Dont want to host your content with us? No hard feelings. In fact, with the External link component you can host your videos, images, and SWF animations on any web server (even within your LAN or VPN). Simply point to the URL and let it stream down to the SignagePlayer. The best part is that all your content is still cached on the local SignagePlayer, so an interruption in the connection does not interrupt your audience.

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