E Display Digital Signage Software

Our media players and digital signage packages comes with our industry leading and easy-to-use cloud based Signage Studio digital signage software that can power a digital signage network of any size.  The cloud based digital signage software allows you to remotely manage your network from any part of the world. It allows you to create sophisticated digital signage presentations and make use of advance functionality like Multiple Zones, Tickers, Images, Videos, RSS feeds, Social Media, Live TV, Animations, Integration and much more. You can create any type of layout for each screen in your network and schedule your content to run distinctly on any number of screens at any time/day. Even though our software is self-intuitive but we provide web tutorial on all its features.

Our digital signage infrastructure is hosted in a world class data center that can handle any capacity and has 24/7 reliability and redun­dancy built-in. Please click here to register for 14 days free trial.

Built-in software apps:
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